Welcome to PetroArc International’s introductory video on virtual microscopy. The purpose of this video is to introduce the concepts of virtual microscopy, why you should use it, and show how students of all backgrounds are able to utilize digital micro-graphs to explore and learn about our world.

PetroArc International has developed an easy to use software title to deliver three key benefits to students and teachers.
1) increase student participation and involvement by providing the ability to interact with science learning materials in a modern and pertinent way;
2) enhance microscope functionality in a modern way;
3) reduce the microscope to student ratios in large classrooms;
4) optimize the teaching and learning experience by synchronizing teacher-student instruction through technology

vMicro was designed for all levels of education and functions as a virtual transmitted light microscope similar to those found in many student laboratories. It has the added benefits of mitigating lost or damaged slides, microscope maintenance tasks, and increases the available teaching time in classrooms.

Using vMicro is simple and easy!

Click on the Folder icon in the upper left corner of the vMicro window. Navigate to the location of the slide library you wish to open. Click on any image in the folder.

On the left, you will find a slide box that contains all of the images in the library folder. To open an image, double click on the image.

To navigate, move the red rectangle in the Macro Viewer, or use the scroll bars in the main view area.

To zoom in, you may double left click, use the magnification button at the top, or use the slider at the top. To zoom out, you may right click or use the respective buttons at the top.

Many visual elements may be toggled, such as a dynamic scale bar that accurately adjusts to your viewable slide, a micro viewer for up close examination of a zoomed out micro-graph, and different focal planes of the image.

Analytical features such as the measurement tool and snapshot tool are found in the top bar as well, and may be used by left clicking to open the measurement, and left clicking to close the measurement. All measurements are recorded in the note box, where you may add your own typed notes on top of programmatic information. You may copy and paste this for use in any other program.

Finally, there is a visual help system that gives pictorial and written instruction on the functionality of vMicro. This is found under the blue question mark box in the top left of the screen.

That’s all you need to know to get started with high resolution digital micro-graphs. We make it simple for you and your students!

If you would like a trial version of our software, a more personalized demonstration, or have any questions, please contact us at +1-281-444-1125, email us at [email protected], or visit our website at https://petroarcintl.com.

We look forward to working with you!