Our Company

Established 2005, PetroArc International developed and provides the world’s most advanced digital high resolution imaging and analytical software to Oil and Gas, medical professionals, and academia.

Within the oil and gas industry, the ability to collect data from core samples is the first step in well exploration and is the key to reducing uncertainty. Unlike other imaging companies that rely on gas flow methodologies, we use the most advanced image analysis technologies available to analyze core permeability, as well as other drill site characteristics, such as porosity, grain density, and fluid saturation. Our core sample imaging procedures provide quick, accurate results, enabling site decision makers to assess fracking capabilities, leading to reduced well operating expenses.

Image Analysis and Virtual Microscopy

Our imaging analysis approach includes portable scanners, proprietary software with polarized light microscopy, and highly trained field technicians, who are available to support diverse imaging needs worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our capabilities to digitally scan core samples, plugs, cuttings, and sections from routine and special core analysis, far exceeds almost any other application on the market. Our portable core scanners, usable at even the most remote locations, can be set up for use within 1 hour and deliver the industry’s broadest offering of digital scan sizes, with resolutions ranging from 1,360 to 11,000 dpi.

Because of our superior ability to prepare and analyze core samples, our imaging solutions have become popular in both field and classroom environments. Imagery is compressed using a non-proprietary wavelet reduction method to reduce image file size by 95 percent, with no noticeable degradation. By reducing the data footprint, users can easily access and share information not only across the classroom, but also across the world.

No matter where users are located, from the local classroom to remote corners around the globe, PetroArc International is committed to delivering prompt, personal service. Our goal is to provide the most complete high resolution imagery information possible, whether from rocks or human tissue, so that our customers can make sound, informed decisions in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Our Technology Used in Higher Learning

Many institutions of higher learning in North America, particularly those focused on geology, histology, and other medical and hard sciences, are using PetroArc International’s imagery solutions as strategic learning tools in their curriculum. PetroArc’s proprietary software can be installed on a laptop, making it an ideal portable tool for faculty and students alike. Information can be archived for up to months and even years, allowing opportunities for continued and more expansive learning without having to rely on purchasing expensive microscopes and the maintenance that is required for that hardware.

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