Project Description

Benefits of Core Digitization

STEVE BOLJEN, Senior Staff Geologist


PetroArc International allows me the opportunity to digitally preserve the most detailed images of the whole core I have witnessed in my career to date. Their process and software provides several key products that … have been used to image over 650 feet of core. Warehousing the core concerns me as there is always degredation of the core over time. Many of our cores are already 40-plus years old. BreitBurn plans to continue having PetroArc International digitally image our Florida core inventory.

Virtual transmitted light microscope

Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology


We have incorporated this viewer into our functional histology course for medical students that examines about 100 scanned classical histology sections and supplementary preparations, such as thick Golgi‐stained sections of brain, thin slabs of ground bone, and smears of blood and bone marrow. Each file is very large often containing over 100 million pixels … [yet] the viewing and processing is very rapid, which is an advantage for efficient simultaneous access by about 200 students and faculty.