• Ranuculus Stem 1.5 Years

Ranunculus Stem (1.5 year), 400X

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Product Description

Attributes of a dicot stem can be viewed in this Ranuculus stem. In contrast to a monocot stem with its randomly arranged vascular bundles, the dicot stem contains vascular bundles arranged in a concentric ring. This is somewhat similar to the arrangement of vascular tissues in a monocot root. Remember, roots contain endodermis! This epidermis appears thicker due to a cuticle or waterproofing layer. Just below the epidermis lie parenchyma cells of the cortex. Outermost parenchyma cells of the stem cortex can contain chloroplasts and be named chlorenchyma. Each vascular bundle is capped by sclerenchyma fibers. The deepest parenchyma cells of this stem fragmented during growth to produce the hollow pith area.