• Pinus Young Stem
  • Pinus Young Stem

Pinus Young Stem, 400X l.s. and c.s.

BOTA-030 | Slides maybe purchase individually or as custom collections. If you wish to purchase 25 or more virtual slides, discounts will be automatically applied according to incremental package sets of 25, 50, 100, 200, or unlimited.

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Product Description

Pines are economically important for their timber, pulp, tar, and turpentine. When the world was tied together by sail, pines often assumed strategic importance as naval stores, thereby influencing patterns of Western colonialism. They were the first timber resource exploited in much of North America. They have long been a principal source of timber for all purposes, including firewood, construction and woodworking. They continue to be a leading genus in agroforestry production, dominating plantations in the U.K.